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TTLLP Tut-Tut Looks Like Pain!
An abusive, gluttonous bear finds himself in Teddy Bear Hell, where the Daiva of Lust, Lucy, is attempting to temporarily play the role of Daiva of Gluttony. What's a Devilbear to do?

NSNS No Soul, No Service
An untalented, panda rock group is tempted to sell their souls to the Devilbear in exchange for stardom, but the real star is the potential new Daiva of Gluttony.

FGJB For Great Justice Bear (part 1 of arc)
A Poquebear unwittingly awakens the Daiva of Wrath, while Bearalzebub and the other Daivas are summoned to Gener-Ahh-City for a special meeting.

GKEA Gotta Kill 'Em All (part 2 of arc)
Bearalzebub and the Daivas return to Teddy Bear Hell, only to discover some unexpected and unwelcome visitors.

LD Laundry Day
Helle Belle's sock goes missing during a load of laundry, setting her on a quest with Bearalzebub to retrieve it.

TTWPB The Trouble With Poquebears (part 1 of arc)
Bearalzebub and the Daivas are trying to cope with the overpopulation of poquebear souls, and a teddy-wraith plots an ongoing revenge against Devilbears.

DI Daiva's Inferno (part 2 of arc)
Bearalzebub and the Daivas introduce themselves to their new neighbors and take a tour of Hades LTD, but while they are away, the teddy-wraith releases one of Bearalzebub's most dangerous prisoners.

TGOA The Grimoires of Apawllyon (part 3 of arc)
Bearalzebub and the Daivas have fallen into a trap, and their only hope may be someone that they trust the least.

NFG Need For Greed
Ipso and Facto take Bearalzebub on a journey to far-off places and search for treasures bright.

TFID The Flutter in Darkness (part 1 of arc)
Bearalzebub finds himself transported to a far away, forest moon to aid a band of primitive bears against an ancient threat.

PAT Pitch a Tent (part 2 of arc)
The Daivas head to the forest moon to search for Bearalzebub, and end up in the middle of a war.

ROTD Return of the Devilbear (part 3 of arc)
Bearalzebub engages the Virtue-Bear-cousins-thrice-removed in a showdown at the Fabric of Time.

ROTD Cybearnetica
Pandatchoo's latest creation for Bearalzebub's robot army has some unexpected "features"

OF Original Flavor
The remains of the world's oldest teddy bear turn up at a plush toy museum, so Bearalzebub makes a plan to bring it and the rest of its kind down to Teddy Bear Hell.

OF Button it Up
A newly deceased bear revokes paying a button to Charmeuse for a ferry ride, forcing Bearalzebub to intervene.

BZ Bearzarro
A teddy super hero makes a deal with the Devilbear to defeat the most powerful enemies that he has ever faced.

GOD Game of Death (part 1 of arc)
The Daivas at Hades LTD find a way to harness a Devilbear's essence and transfer it to a host of their choosing, but the results are even more diabolical than expected.

EP Expansion Packed (part 2 of arc)
Bearlial unleashes his plan to take over Teddy Bear Hell and revives the essence of another Devilbear to help him.

TCC The Cracked Copy (part 3 of arc)
The remaing essence host is pitted against Bearalzebub, and the solution to defeat Bearlial may reside in a computer game.

MAAS Much Ado About Stuffing (part 4 of arc)
Bearlial prepares to bring the larger scope of his plan together, pitting Daiva against Daiva.

CWF Cooking with Fire
Bearalzebub and Cayenne host an intense, life or death cooking competition for resident teddy bears.

TEHI The Eyes Have It
Lucy and Bearalzebub race against Time to win back a missing anniversary gift.

RFD Recipe for Disaster
Revelations from a recently deceased bear send Helle Belle and Bearalzebub on a self-indulgent journey of gummy bears and booze.

FD Frozen Dinner
Cerbutt, the three-assed-chihuahua, is taken to another dimension by a monster in the refrigerator, and it's up to Cayenne and the Plush of Darkness to find him.

BSC Best Served Cold (part 1 of arc)
Bearlial plans to become the sole Devilbear, in a flurry of chaos and destruction, by releasing the first of the "Four Little Ponies of the Apawcalypse"

TWP The War Pony (part 2 of arc)
The Conquest Pony invades Teddy Bear Hell, while Bearlial sets out to find and release the War Pony.

FOF Feast or Famine (part 3 of arc)
Bearalzebub and Cayenne compete with Mo and Bearlial to find the Famine Pony.

TFS The Fourth Seal (part 4 of arc)
Gener-Ahh-City burns as Bearlial and Bearalzebub fight for the title of Devilbear. Bearalzebub's efforts have fallen short thus far, and all that remains between the world and the Apawcalypse is the release of the Death Pony...

CC Cruise Control
Exhausted from battling the Apawcalypse, Bearalzebub takes the Daivas on a much-needed vacation cruise.

TCOB Reskinned
When a secret organization begins calling itself "The Church of Bearalzebub", the Devilbear himself has no choice but to pay a visit.

TTBT The Teddy Bear's Torment
Cayenne sings a lullaby describing what a teddy bear can expect to experience in Hell.

GN Game Night
A grumpy, plush koala tries to get out of eternal damnation by proving he is not a "bear".

LE Loose Ends (part 1 of arc)
Raine tries to take over Hades LTD and Ursa undergoes rehabilitation.

BO Bundled Off (part 2 of arc)
Raine seems to have invited over some friends to help overthrow Hades LTD. Can Ursa, Mo, and Bearalzebub stop them in time?

TFOT The Fabric of Time (part 3 of arc)
At last the answer to the age old question, "What happens to Devilbears when they die?"

HOS Hospitality
Bearalzebub needs a lot of repair, but is a doll hospital the answer or is it the end?

HOS Cover to Cover
There are rumors that a mysterious book is causing teddy bears to die. It's up to Bearalzebub to find the truth.

HOS Doodles
Bearalzebub goes to a tattoo parlor, but discovers more than he expected.

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